7 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Under $300 – Updated for 2018

Innobell.com – Biking is a kind of the popular land sport nowadays. Many people are really interesting to do mountain bike. Most of them are doing this sport just for fun. Some of them do this sport to increase the experience, get the extreme adventure and even to get any challenge in biking. But, there is another benefit of doing mountain biking. People want to get a healthy body. Most of them are might be lazy to do any other exercises. Then, they can do the exercise with the great trip or adventure in doing the mountain biking.

Mountain bike is a kind of the bicycle which is more powerful and stronger than any other bikes. It is designed with the special system to fulfill the needs of the bikers. The specifications are really different with the ordinary bicycle. The brake system, bike seat, tire and even wheels are designed special related to the terms of the bikers. The bicycle usage in doing some extreme trail and downhill steps cause the mountain bike need the different parts.

Most of them prices so high. The higher and more modern features for the mountain bike might prices more expensive than the other. Then, is there any best mountain bike under 300? How are the specifications? Here, we are going to tell you about some of the best mountain bikes which prices under $300. It can be the great choice for the one who has the limit budget but needs the mountain bike. On this article, we will give you the information about the various kinds of mountain bikes, its pros, and cons. Then, we will give you the brief explanation about those specifications.

Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike

best budget mountain bike

Roadmaster 26″ Granite Peak is a kind of best mountain bike under 300 which is really adorable. The cheap price will not show the cheap quality and performance. It features with the geometry mountain frame which is also made from the high-quality steel. It can give the great comfy and easy riding for most of the bikers.

It also features with 3 mountain cranks which might provide the wider gear. People don’t need to be a worry while biking on the rocky road around the mountain. The linear pull brakes offer the safety riding for the user and it has the marvelous stopping power even on the sudden movement.

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This bike is completed with SRAM. SRAM is used to drive and make the twist shifters worked. People can smoothly change the gear through this tool. They only need to pull or push and change it based on the number to get the different gear. While changing the gear, people need to change it smooth one by one. The size of the wheels is 26 inches. It can carry the big bikers and control the bikers. People can get the great performance and durability with this best mountain bike under 300.

In opposite with the positive value of this bike, there are also some negative commands. Some people say that it is so difficult to assemble this bike parts. They need to reassemble and tighten the bike parts regularly. Then, there is no official guarantee policy. They cannot get any reply from the company about the warranty and cash back money related to the damages.

People only need to pay around $94 for getting this mountain bike. It is the cheapest price for the best mountain bike under 200.


  1. Easy riding
  2. 3 mountain cranks
  3. Linear pull brakes
  4. SRAM which operates twist shifters
  5. 26-inch wheels


  1. Hardly assemble
  2. Easily loose
  3. No official guarantee policy

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bike under 300

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 features with the aluminum frame with the fork suspension to make the performance more reliable. The bike’s body is quite strong, it can be used to carry on the big people. People with the weight around 300 lbs can try to bike with this best budget mountain bike.

Shimano rear derailleur with 24 speed Shimano EZ fire trigger shifters offers the wide gear. It can show the smooth shifting even out of the trail. People will not get any difficulties and problems while handling the shifting. They can change and replace the gear smoother. Schwinn can be used to step and climb the hills smoothly. This bike is designed with the tough ravines. Then, the combination of the front brake and V-brake can help to handle the stopping in all of the conditions. People will feel safe to ride with this kind of best mountain bike under 300.

However, there are some people say that this bike is not really durable. It has less durability because some of the bicycle components need to be replaced often. Some people change some of the components for only 6 months usage. Then, this bike is also not appropriate for the thinner and even smaller people. The bike is so heavy to be hold and controlled.

Then, people don’t need to be too worried about this kind of mountain bike warranty. I am sure that most of you will be so careful while buying the precious thing. The company will give the warranty only for the bicycle frame and its components. Then, the company will not cover any damages and failures bike on the normal wear, loss, and accident. It can be the great choice as the best mountain bike under 300.


  1. Responsive riding
  2. Handling overweight bikers
  3. Smooth shifting
  4. Manufacturer warranty


  1. Less durability
  2. Heavy body

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

cheap mountain bike

It can be the ideal and right choice for the one who adores the lightweight bicycle. Merax Finiss 26″ is featured with the light aluminum frame which always eases the riders in carrying this bicycle. The frame size is 19 inches. The colors of this bike are always attracting some people. There are 3 kinds of the available colors which are sold. They are classic black and red, fashion gray and green, and passion white and red. It is the best mountain bikes under 300 2017.

Then, this bicycle use 26 inches double powerful aluminum rim. This wheel works well and powerful. It can be the good and ideal partner for your bicycle in carrying you around the road. This wheel also eases the rolling on the road. It has been completed with 80mm suspension for which is going to increase the bike control and even smooth the bumps. It is good for the 200lbs weight.

It can be the best mountain bike under 300 that you can buy. It is capable to be used as the intermediate bikers. This bicycle can work well on the paved trail. However, people need to buy another bike for the advanced bikers. It cannot be used for jumping and even the heavy riding as the advanced experience.

The bicycle box is completed with the instructions about the pedal installation, front fork installation and front wheel installation. People can manually set up the bicycle by reading and understanding that instruction.

However, many people have a problem with the brake system. Most of them are still confused and cannot figure out about how to operate the brake system. Sometimes, they will get a squeal while do braking.


  1. Lightweight frame
  2. Easy rolling
  3. Smooth bumps
  4. Work well on paved trail


  1. Not adjustable front fork
  2. Brake problem

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 200

Kent is the stylish and modern looking best mountain bikes under 200. People can get this mountain bike by paying around $199. The bikers will feel confident to bike on this handsome and good looking mountain bike. The color of black and blue can increase the attraction from this bike.

This bike is framed with 26 inches aluminum MTB and the suspension fork travel to 65mm. it is also featured with the front disc brake which will able to keep your safety while biking around the steppes road. Then, it has the smooth shifting which ease the bikers to change the gear on the bicycle into another.

It can be the ideal best mountain bike under 300 for the beginners. The new bikers can try to handle, control and operate the mountain bike with Kent. The company will always guide and provide you to try the simplest and easiest assemble through this mountain bike.

However, some people are not really satisfied with the tire of this bike. They say that the tire can be flattened easily. They need to replace and change the original tire for the short period of usage. Then, when they want to repair and fix the bicycle, people have difficulties with that. They need to call the professional to fix and repair the bike. There is no details information about how to repair and reinstall the bicycle. It can be the great suggestion for the best mountain bike under 300 to be better in the future.

Kent can be the ideal choice as the gift for your friends. Despite its cheap price, it also looks so beautiful on its design.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Good looking
  3. Easily assembled
  4. Smooth shifting
  5. Ideal for the beginner


  1. Lack of installation procedure information
  2. Poor tire

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

best mountain bike under 300 2017

Mongoose impasse dual is the right choice for the 29 inches size. It can be the ideal and fit bike for the tall bikers. This bike features with the aluminum suspension frame which will be able to increase the comfy and its performance. Then, the fork suspension is also be used to smooth the bumps and even control the bike well. People can change and drive the gear easily with the SRAM twist shifter on that bike. 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur will also ease the gear shifting.

This cheap mountain bike is completed with 29 inches wheel size which might convince the buyers about the strength and the powerful from this bicycle. This wheel is also able to be released quickly. Then, this bike is filled with dual disc brake system in which it can handle the stopping system well even on the trail area. People can use this mountain bike to travel around the extreme trail, gravel road, wood trail and even the downhill. You don’t need to be too worry because this dual disc brake system will always make you safe during your adventure.

The body of this best mountain bike under 300 looks so perfect and elegant. The silver or gray color can increase the manly for the bikers. However, this mountain bike is quite heavy to be carried. The weight is around 44 pounds. Then, some people also feel disappointed about the packaging. They find no styrofoam on its box which is usually used to keep the bicycle safe while shipped. Most of them are so worry if there are any damage and broken parts which might affect to their bike.


  1. Capable for the trail bike
  2. Dual disc brake
  3. Price worth
  4. Good for taller man


  1. Really heavy
  2. Poor packaging

Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

Raleigh is the best mountain bikes under 300 2017 that you must to try. This bike is the appropriate mountain bike which is ideal and suitable for the one who has the big body. The solid bike structures will guide and make you comfy to ride on the trails. Then, the bike seat is also comfortable for the big riders. It can give the great and better comfy for the user.

This bike is designed with the great riding position. People will feel comfortable to ride on this bike. It is because this bike is designed with the right position which might comfort between the neck and the lower of your back. It features with the upright geometry and the lightweight aluminum frame which can increase your comfort.

This best mountain bike under 300 has 27,5 inches wheel with 2 inches tire which can make your roll  quickly, smoothly and confidently. It features with 21 speed which always guides you on the uphill and even downhill. It is the great bike for the journey.

People don’t need to be too worried about its size. This mountain bike offers the various and complete choices for all of the bikers. There are extra small up to an extra large size which is available. Then, you have to be careful while ordering this bike. It is so lucky if you get the great and well bike. The return process is so bad. You need to wait around 2 weeks for the reply from the customer service. But, the customer service is also so poor in serving the customer complains. They only serve with the bad services and there is no appropriate solution for the problems.


  1. Complete sizes
  2. Great riding position design
  3. Beginner riders
  4. Easy assemble
  5. Solid


  1. Bad customer service
  2. Poor return process

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

Vilano is the best budget mountain bike nowadays. Many people are so satisfied with the bike specifications and features offered with the cheap price. Most of them say that they have to spend more than $300 to get the mountain bike with the similar specification like Vilano. People only need to spend around $269 to get this fantastic mountain bike.

Vilano is featured with the mechanical disc brake. This system will ease the people to do stopping in a sudden and even on the extreme trail. This mechanical disc brake system can convince you about the safety riding along the terrain. It can also be used for the beginner rider who wants to try biking with this bicycle.

This bike has the hard trail frame which always makes your riding comfortable. It is completed with the suspension fork in which there is a lockout on it. It can even increase the safety and performance while biking. The wheel size is 29 inches in which it can be the great and powerful mountain bike for the big people.

This best mountain bike under 300 is available only in the interesting colors. They are black or red. The bicycle box is completed with the assemble instruction. People can read and understand the instruction well before setting the bicycle. The complete instruction of the front wheel and brake installation, handlebars, saddle, and pedals installation are also available.

However, people need to be patient in waiting for the shipping. It might needs around 2 weeks for the shipping period. Then, there is also no warranty for the damages which might happen on the shipping. The company will not give any compliment and reply regarding the complaint about the damaged bike.


  1. Mechanical disc brake
  2. Completed with lockout
  3. Simple assembly


  1. No warranty
  2. Longer shipping period


So, there are all about 7 best mountain bike under 300 which can you buy. There are about positive and negative commands related to the product. You can buy the ideal and appropriate mountain bike related to your needs. People can choose the mountain bike which is suitable for the beginner such as Vilano, Raleigh, and Kent. Then, you can choose the other mountain bikes for the intermediate biking.

People can also buy the mountain bike related to the budget that they have prepared. They can buy the roadmaster for the mountain bike under 100 and Kent for the mountain bike under 200. Each bike has its own advantages and features. Then, most of those 7 mountain bikes offer the simple and easy assembly. So, the buyers are hoped to install and set the bike on their own.

After learning about the price and specifications of those mountain bikes, I am sure that you can choose the best mountain bike which is appropriate. The right bike which always makes you satisfied.

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