7 Best Road Bikes under $1,000 in 2017

Innobell – Despite the development of engine-based vehicles that is now going crazy, it seems many people out there are still interested in the manual ones. Well, what else if it is not the bike? Bike still has so many enthusiasts for some reasons. Good bikes are commonly not only a transportation media but also supporting your activities like road and downhill sports. Biking is indeed an easy alternative for sport. More than that, there are also extreme sports that rely on bikes. This kind of sports let you pass through difficult tracks like mountainous areas, hills, and even shallow rivers. Talent and experience is needed here. Besides, make sure also to choose a good and qualified bike that can bring you to those places safely.

Talking about the brands and series of road bikes, the manufactures almost always compete to develop their products. It is basically also to “fight” over marketing claim “the best road bike”. Sometimes, it just makes the customers often find it confusing to choose one of them which are really the best. If you are one of them, here is the best budget road bike considered the best ones in 2017 under 1000.

Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle

road bike under 1000

Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 is one of the products by Kestrel that is designed and constructed based on the implementation of Kestrel’s Enhanced Modulus Hybrid or EMH Carbon. It applies the combination of 800K and 700K carbon fiber. The material make it quite lightweight; it is only about 30 pounds. In term of design, it has A2 Wind Tunnel as well as some other features including stays, seat post, and seat tube which are in aerodynamic contour. The application of internal cable successfully makes the entire bike has clean airflow. For the light along with good mechanism, it makes the bike can run faster and easier.

Still about the designs, there are some matters that make Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano look more unique for a cheap road bike. First, it is the shapes of seat stays and chain stays that are asymmetrical. The design is created to improve the lateral stiffness. Besides, it also eases the transfer of power more in order to lessen the vibration while passing the coarse road. Second, it is about the application of Kestrel EMS Pro Aero Seatpost, a feature originally manufactured by Kestrel. This feature places the saddle to mount. As a result, the position tends to be wider also in term of range. In general, it uses Triathlon model that has some other features including Clip-on Aero Extensions and Oval Concept. There are two colors available for this bike series; they are red and grey.

As a best road bike under 1000, this bike has some pros and cons anyway. Here they are.

Pros     :

  • lightweight, stiff, simple and compact design,
  • great features applied like the application of Triathlon model,
  • good entry,
  • comfortable to be ridden particularly for long trip in coarse tracks.

Cons    :

  • not really easy to use especially for a new biker.

Vilano FORZA 2.0 Road Bike

best road bike under 1000

This new series from Vilano allows you to have a sort of cheap road bike with aluminum Carbon. This make the entire bike is quite light. It is only about 32 pounds. It is so interesting to talk about the design in general. With matter grey color for almost all sides, the bike looks simple but also luxurious and futuristic at once. Then, in some parts like saddles and seat, there are black matte leather. The application of matte grey color is due to the use of 6061 Double Butted Aluminum as the main frame. Meanwhile, the fork is manufactured by using 12k Carbon Fiber which is not only light but also quite durable. The wheels are 700C Double Walled wheel set and once you but this bike, you can also get additional pedals for free.

The combination of light weight materials and good system of mechanics make this bike can work very properly. This bike is probably not perfect like the others with higher price. However, it is really worth to have. By only spending cost of around 500 dollars, there are many good specifications as well as great performance you can find. It is friendly for any tracks even when it is those the coarse and dangerous ones like hills with coarse rocks on the surface. Besides, this bike from Vilano FORZA is also quite easy to control. If the bike from Kestrel mentioned before has a lack for its unfriendliness toward new bikers, it seems not like that for this one. Its good control becomes the key point why you should consider buying this affordable bike.

This best road bike under 1000 in general has some pros and cons as follow.

Pros     :

  • easy to use and control even for beginners,
  • good mechanic system,
  • good design,
  • affordable.

Cons    :

  • poor seat

Tommaso Forcella Road Bike

best road bike

This bike from Tommaso Forcella is indeed incredible and recommended. Why? One of them is due to the application of carbon fork. The design is basically simple and compact. However, the design also becomes the main lack here. Its curvy structure in front of saddle is quite disturbing. It probably looks cooler when it is just simply straight. Meanwhile, its black matte color on the entire part of bike looks boring as well.

Fortunately though, the design of this best road bike under 1000 is probably the only lack you may find here. In general, it is actually still compact and lightweight for 35 pounds. How it can be lightweight is due to the application of compact frame combined with a HTC Carbon Fork. It decreases the vibration while biking on the coarse tracks. For only the carbon fork, it has been guaranteed by the Lifetime Frame and Fork Warranty. Still about the frame, it is available with highly various fenders and racks. The Drivetrain is featured the 3×8 Shimano Claris Groupset along with the Claris crankset and cassette. The drivetrain acommodates the necessities like many tracks whether it is flat or hill.  The performance of Tommaso Forcella is also great for the application of frame geometry and powerful handlebars. Those features are compact and functioned to increase the power and comfort at once. Besides, efficiency is also the main point here, enables you to be total of every ride you take even up to 100 miles.

Other remarkable features applied are the wheels, derailleurs, bolts, and so forth for optimal performance as well as safety. In general, here are the pros and cons of Tommaso Forcella Road Bike.

Pros     :

  • great materials for frame,
  • great performance in term of drivetrain, shifting, and geometry, comfortable, and efficient.

Cons    :

  • the design is not at its best.

Ridley Fenix Allow 105 Mix Color FE701Am Bicycle

best road bike under 750

There is indeed not so much information about this bike. However, slightly from the design and appearance only, there are some matters that are visible beside the fact that it is a cheap road bike. First, it is surely about the design. The design is simple enough although the structure looks bigger than other bikes on its class. The color available is black on almost all parts of the body. Uniquely, it also features the seat and saddles that are in grey. Why is it unique anyway? Commonly, other bikes may have the black on those two parts and other colors on the body. Well, it is just on the opposite anyway. The application of carbon aluminum is one of the plus points since it just makes the bike in general quite light. The weight is only for 30 pounds anyway. So, in general, it is indeed a good looking bicycle

The performance seems great as well. Besides, this best road bike under 1000 is also considered one of few bikes that are easy enough to put together. Thanks to some great and optimally-used features including the tightened handlebars, the installment of seat post, the application of good brake cables. Those enable the bikers to bike optimally even of bad terrains on mountainous and hill areas. Meanwhile, it is no matter how many miles you need to take since it just accommodates it well without any problems. Although it is aggressive, this series from Ridley Fenix is also smooth and controllable. It becomes really appropriate then for both the experienced and beginners. More than that, it is also a kind of comfortable road bikes.

Well, here are the pros and cons of this bike in general.

Pros     :

  • great performance,
  • easy to handle, comfortable, cool design.

Cons    :

  • some bolts are still needed to be tightened manually for better performance.

SAVADECK T700 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bike

best road bike under 1500

SAVADECK T700 is undeniably the best road bike under 1000 for some reasons. Okay, let’s start it from the design. The main material used in general is the Japanese Carbon fiber particularly for the frame, fork, and seat post. As a result, the damping is very good. Besides, it is also incredibly lightweight; it is only around 21 and some more pounds. Interestingly, the weight which is really light does not affect its performance at all. It is proven by the fact that it is still safe and power efficient. More than that, the spare parts of this bike, it is exclusively designed by a company, SAVA R&D Department which is already famous enough for bike features. Although it means that this bike is really special, the lack is then placed on this point also. It is because the original spare parts are quite difficult to find around.

Of course, the appearance and features are not enough to give evidence whether this bike is worth to have. It features great Derailleur System for the application of SHIMANO SORA 3000. This gives you full control for every aspect during biking. This Derailleur system includes the front and rear derailleur. Meanwhile, it also features Brand Prowheel 53-39T for Crankset and Cassette Sprockets with integrated Hollowtech design and Brand KENDA 23C for the wheels. Those all features improve its performance entirely. It is capable in any terrain whether the flat ones or hills. Besides, it is powerful enough even you may need to ride it over 100 miles. Here are then the pros and cons of SAVADECK T700 Carbon Fiber Road Bike.

Pros     :

  • lightweight, special derailleur sysetm,
  • great features in term of Crankset and Cassette Sproclets as well as tires.

Cons    :

  • It is no easy to get the original derailleur spare part system around.

Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike

best aluminum road bike 2017

There are many reasons why Giordano Libero 2.0 is considered as the best road bike under 1000 worth to try. Just by spending cost of of around 750 dollars, there are some great features offered to you. One of them is regarding the design. It has large style with combination of black, white, and red colors all around the bike’s body. Its frame structure is in white base with black and red on some parts. Meanwhile, the fixtures like tires, pedals, and others are in black. Uniquely, it has white seat that makes it look different from the others. The design which is compact and simple also becomes another plus point here. Interestingly, this weight is surprisingly very light for less than 24 pounds only. The weight is indeed important for a bike since it is basically one of the main important factors to make it optimally ridden.

Giordano Libero also offers some great features to improve the performance. It features the Complete Shimano Sora Drive Train of 18 speeds to make it capable in passing through various terrains even the coarse ones like hills and mountainous areas. But due to that fact, it doesn’t make this bike worse in flat area. It is so good if you need to go through smooth and even slippery terrain with good safety standard. Besides, it is also equipped by lightweight hand which is crafted by 6061 aluminum frame as well as carbon fork. The components are really solid to make it stiff but also being able to move flexibly. The lack is probably placed on the tires. Well, it is not that bad actually but the problems of this best budget road bike are in general caused by the tires.

Pros     :

  • great design,
  • well performance due to the application of Shimano Sora Drive.

Cons    :

  • tires are not at their best.

Tommaso Illimitate Gravel Road Bike

Slightly, there is no significant difference between Tommaso Illimitate Gravel Road Bike with its brother, Tommaso Forcella Road Bike. However, since the Illimitate Gravel is the newer generation, there are some features applied that cannot be found on the previous generations. The design is really similar to the Forcella. It is black matte on the entire part even the fixtures like saddles and seats. Cool and simple indeed but it looks boring as well. Interestingly, this designed is saved by some great features. For the frame, it has Aluminum Compact Frame which is undeniably durable combined with a High Modulus Carbon Fiber Fork. The combination is good particularly to optimize the dampening of vibration. It makes your riding experience more comfortable. The frame is also easy to build up anyway.

The application of Shimano Tiagra Groupset along with Tiagra Compact Crankset and Tiagra Cassete allows you to enjoy different range of speed widely. Aside from that, this feature also plays important roles in term of passing through the terrains even the coarse ones like the areas of hills. Meanwhile, on the smooth and slippery road, it is still safe and controllable. A good characteristic of this series that you may not find in the previous series from Tommaso including the Forcella is its versatility. The application of Wide 32C tire makes you able to grip and control it better particularly for off road riding activities. Meanwhile, other features equipped are the frame geometry as well as handlebars available in sleek package to comfort you more. Then, there are also some other features suggested for professional assembly including the wheels trued, derail lures turned, and the tightened bolt.

The Pros and Cons of Tommaso Illimitate Gravel Road Bike as the best road bike under 1000 are as follows.

Pros     :

  • great frame for optimum vibration dampening,
  • good for any terrain,
  • versatile, durable, and comfortable.

Cons    :

  • the design which is not at its best.


It is indeed not easy to fine the best road bike under 1000. There are many options out there for sure. However, it sometimes makes us feel so much confusing. There are probably many affordable road bikes even claimed themselves as the best road bikes under 200 or best road bikes under 300 2017. However, are you sure that those bikes are really capable and durable? It is not bad then to increase our budgets a little bit. In fact, by only spending around 500 dollars or more, we can just find much better bike in term of design and performance. Of course, you must want your bike to be long lasting without giving you many problems, mustn’t you?

The bikes mentioned above are not only cheap in term of price but it also gives you some other benefits. They have great features and satisfying performance. Besides, the safety and comfort also become their priorities.

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