The innobell Blog was founded on September 17, 2017. In accordance with the blog description, this blog was created in order to share knowledge and experience around the best bikes along with its reviews. However, by excluding the description of this blog, did not rule out this blog to display articles outside the description. Even so the written articles will still lead to everything related to the bike, well, it’s a mountain bike, racing bike, kids bike, hybrid bike and others.

All the posts on this website are based on good research through the description of the products in the online store, the reviews from consumers, and the sources that come from the forum discussion. All presented to you so you can easily choose the best bike you want according to your specifications and budget.

All the criticism and constructive suggestions we need for the development of this blog. If you have any suggestions, tips or just ask questions, you can contact us via this blog Contact page, or you can directly email to: