5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $2,000 – Top MTB in 2017

Mountain biking can be a pastime or a sport. You can make it a leisure or thrilling activity, all depends on the bike model that you use. Knowing how to choose the right mountain bike to buy is thus essential if you want to tailor this activity according to your preferences and skill level. Many factors are to be considered when buying a mountain bike. With budget often becoming the first factor to mind, here you will have an opportunity to choose the best mountain bike under 2000 that offers satisfying features. Although the price range ceiling is not considered low, it is also not high, considering that every single bike you will read below is a professional-grade bike.

Aside from price, there are other factors that you need to consider when picking your model among all best mountain bikes under 2000 2017 below. Different models sport different features and a mountain bike that has some great features has some weaknesses as well. In other words, every bike has its own pros and cons. You may want to buy a hardtail mountain bike with excellent energy usage efficiency, but you shouldn’t mind compensating comfortable ride for it. Because every bike below has its own pros and cons, generally speaking, no bike is better than others. Your preferences and skill level determine which model will become your best mountain bike under 2000.

Top Mountain Bikes By Budget:

Check each bike below, look into its special features, take a look at its pros and cons, and it should be easy for you to make the best pick.

Diamondback Bicycles Mason Comp Plus

best mountain bike under 1500

Most, if not all, mountain bikers will eventually add a hardtail bike to their quiver because hardtail bike is what professionals ride. Full-suspension bikes are great only on smooth surface, but for real mountain trails, nothing beats hardtail bikes. Diamond Bicycles Mason Comp Plus will become a lovable bike for seasoned mountain bikers because it is a hardtail and because it offers a number of features that make it an excellent bike to beat unpaved terrains, be they flat, ascending or descending. Let’s take a look at some features that make it the  best mountain bike under 2000 for you.

Diamondback’s Mason bike is available in three models, with Comp model is in the middle between the base and Pro model in terms of features and price. Two great features that this bike offers is its slim and lightweight body and its Plus wheels. The body geometry is slack and versatile, giving riders full control when overpowering difficult terrains. The wheels are exceptionally reliable when passing slippery surface where spin-out is common. The Plus technology offers traction better than normal that effectively eliminates skidding.

This is possibly the best mountain bike under 2000 to ride on even, ascending and descending surfaces. The  slack geometry of this bike and its excellent wheel traction are great features for dealing with even and ascending tracks. Although it is considered reliable for descending, on steep slope, riding it can be challenging. Generally speaking, a full-suspension bike is still a better player on descending tracks.


  1. It is one of the most capable hardtail bikes that is perfect for professional mountain bikers.
  2. Plus wheels with tubeless tires greatly improve traction and offer better cushioning when pumped with low PSI.
  3. Slack geometry offers excellent stability especially when cornering.


  1. With no extra suspension, bumpy roads will cause jitters.
  2. Steep descending can be problematic.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

best full suspension mountain bike under 2000

Having a carbon fiber frame on their bike is what almost every biker wants. Carbon fiber is lightweight and versatile, making it one of the best materials for mountain bike’s frame; however, it is also the most expensive, preventing budget bikers from getting it.

BEIOU 650B mountain bike with its carbon fiber frame is definitely a lovable choice. With price that is far below $2000, it is one of the best mountain bikes under 2000 2017 that feature carbon fiber frame. The frame is known not only for its lightness and stiffness, but also for its beauty and resistance to damage. For a bike that you mostly use to beat off-road tracks, such frame is definitely a must.

Another feature that is special about this mountain bike is its 650B wheels. These wheels are unique as they attempt to incorporate the superior features of both 26” and 29” wheels while eliminating their weaknesses. As a result, with 650B wheels attached to your bike, it will become more agile and responsive while still feeling comfortable to ride. Nonetheless, although such superior features are quite perceivable, many professionals still think that 650B wheels are less agile than 26” wheels and not as comfortable as 29” wheels.

It is also worth-mentioning that just like carbon fiber frame, 650B wheels are also considered exclusive parts, at least for now. Whenever replacement is necessary, it will become more expensive than normal, although the price is expected to gradually drop in the future.


  1. A hardtail mountain bike offers excellent mountain biking performance.
  2. Carbon fiber frame is the lightest and stiffest frame a mountain bike can have.
  3. 650B wheels combine the versatility and agility of 26” wheels and the comfort of 29” wheels.


  1. 650B wheels are not as agile as 26” wheels and as comfortable as 29” wheels.
  2. Parts are expensive to replace.

BEIOU M610 DEORE Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 2000 2017

BEIOU specializes in manufacturing high-quality yet affordable mountain bikes with carbon fiber frames. Its M610 DEORE model is especially exceptional because other bikes at its price range mostly use aluminum frame. Because carbon fiber is the most coveted frame material for every mountain bike lover, you should definitely look into all features this bike offers.

The most significant features of this bike are its gears and brakes. The bike uses SHIMANO M610 DEORE gearing system that includes 30 alternative speed options. Regardless of the trails this bike sprints on, you can always choose your favorite speed. Although DEORE gearing is considered an entry-level gearing system, it will satisfy even seasoned mountain bikers.

Matching the high-end gearing system is the similarly powerful braking system. Everyone wants to bike fast, but they will then need a brake to go to a full stop when needed. With the bike’s SHIMANO M355 braking system, the bike will become the best mountain bike under 2000 in terms of safety and control. The seat of this bike, which is excellently positioned, further enhances the comfort level of this bike.

Although it is hard in the back, its front is equipped with air-filled pneumatic suspension fork that ensures comfortable ride on bumpy terrains. Experienced bikers can find it one of the most agile mountain bikes with its 26” wheels. However, if you prefer to upgrade to 29” wheels due to their better speed handling when climbing, there is currently no option for such upgrade.


  1. It is one of the cheapest bikes that use carbon fiber frame.
  2. It features high-end SHIMANO gearing and braking system.
  3. It is a hardtail bike that is excellent for mountain biking but is also comfortable with its pneumatic suspension.


  1. It is a 26er only. There is currently no chance to upgrade it with 29” wheels.

Mongoose Salvo Comp 27.5″ Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle

Mongoose Salvo Comp can be the best mountain bike under 1500 if your biking style fits the features it offers; however, as a budget bike, it may not offer the best features for every biker. Look into its features below and decide whether this bike is the best for you.

Mongoose Salvo Comp boasts itself as a capable XC (cross-country) bike, so it is a great choice if you are looking for a bike for off-road riding. This bike handles all kinds of terrain excellently. It is especially great for downhill riding, thanks to its unique uninterrupted seat tube design.

Suspension becomes the main feature that makes it a reliable XC bike. With unique suspension design that mounts rear shock on a small alloy piece that protrudes and extends from the main pivot, it is possible to counterbalance ramp-ups that often plague pneumatic suspension systems. This suspension design makes this bike the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 that guarantees comfortable ride on even the roughest surface.

This best mountain bike under 2000, however, is not without flaws. Although it is advertised as a lightweight bike, a total weight of 15 kg is definitely not something that you call light. The standard semi-slick tires are excellent for riding on hard-packed road, but for rougher terrains, they might not be the best. Fortunately, alternative tires and wheels are available, so you can customize your bike according to your preferences.


  1. It features excellent suspension system that guarantees comfort without sacrificing performance.
  2. Its seat is set on uninterrupted seat tube design, which can be helpful when dealing with tricky descends.
  3. It is one of the cheapest XC bikes that you can buy.


  1. It is somewhat heavier than average.
  2. Its standard tires are not the most powerful for off-road biking.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Pro 29er Hardtail MTB

mountain bike under 2000

Diamondback Overdrive Pro is a capable 29er for real mountain biking professionals. If you are a professional, you will find this bike an excellent choice, although you should be ready to endure the discomfort of its seat and the mediocrity of its pedals and dérailleurs.

As a 29er, it is definitely a capable mountain bike to explore even the most challenging trails with relative ease.  Excellent speed control and stability can be maintained if you use this bike. The wheels are especially powerful for dealing with difficult obstacles encountered when you hit the pedals.

The pedals; however, are not as amazing as you may think. They look great, but they are plastic, which is a little bit worrying if you often ride your bike on difficult trails. You can, however, replace them with steel pedals to improve their durability and strength.

The standard seat that comes with the bike may not be as comfortable as you expect. Its design is not the most ergonomic and, if you use it often, you may want to have it replaced. Fortunately, most professional bikers rarely use their bike’s seat, so replacement is necessary only if you sit a lot.

The bike uses low-end SHIMANO dérailleurs; however, they are quite capable for ensuring smooth ride on and off the road. It is okay for you to replace them; however, keeping them on your bike will not hurt.


  1. It is an excellent 29er for beating rough terrains with relative ease and flexibility.
  2. It is a hardtail bike that offers excellent shock absorbing mechanism.
  3. Its price is cheap, and its parts are also cheap, so it is basically cheap to buy and to maintain.


  1. The seat may not be as comfortable as you may expect.
  2. It uses low-end pedals and dérailleurs, which you can easily replace if you want.


Every bike that is listed here can be the best mountain bike under 2000 with its own unique features. For a seasoned mountain bikers, a hardtail bike is often the most favored. This is why most bikes listed here use hardtail structure. Nevertheless, there are also some full-suspension models that put priority on comfort rather than performance; however, that doesn’t mean that those models perform poorly on and off the road. The two full-suspension models that we mention here offer excellent suspension system that doesn’t sacrifice the bike’s performance. Therefore, they are still considered excellent models even for professionals.

Our list also includes models with different materials and designs. If you think that carbon fiber frames are expensive, you should think again because some of the best mountain bikes under 2000 2017 actually come with carbon fiber frames. There is also a foldable model featured here if you are looking for a travel-friendly mountain bike. Explore your preferences and biking style and it should be easy for you to choose the best mountain bike under 2000 to buy.

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