Diamondback Sorrento Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

There are two functions which people can find from the bike. They can use it as their hobby support but of course they can also use it as their transportation support. Many people make biking as their hobby which will be done when they have spare time only but in fact, recently there are more and more people who choose biking as their everyday transportation support.

There are various advantages which can be found if they choose biking as their daily transportation support after all. First of all, they choose the eco friendly transportation option. There is no gas used for this transportation option so there will not be any bad residue for the environment. It is a good thing to hear for sure. Nevertheless, we can also make sure that biking will also enhance physical health especially when it is used in daily basis.

More importantly, people do not need to worry about traffic jam if they choose bike as their transportation support. With the interest about biking which is increasing highly recently, some people are looking for the mountain bike which cannot only be used as their hobby but also for their daily transportation support. It will be more challenging to choose especially when people are looking for the affordable one. There is no need to worry because diamondback sorrento mountain bike can be considered as the best option.


When people try to look for anything including LulzBot 3D Printer for instance, they have to make sure that they learn carefully about the available features. Of course they also have to do the same thing when they are looking for the best mountain bike. Sorrento by Diamonback can be great option if people learn carefully about its feature. It is kind of mountain bike with hard tail type.

It comes with the butted aluminum frame DB 6061-T6 which has 27.5 inches size and heat treated. It also comes with gusset. The shifter comes from Shimano EF-51 Easyfire which is completed with 7 speeds option. Tektro Alloy Linear is used for the brakes.

The front derailleur comes from Shimano Tourney with top pull and 31.8 sizes. The rear derailleur comes from Shimano Altus with 7 speeds. This bike also comes with 32h XC260 Doublewall rims by Diamondback with 27.5 inches size. Chaoyang Hornet tires with 27.5 x 2.1 measurements can also be found from this bike. It also comes with SR Suntour M3030 fork with 27.5 inches size, 75mm travel, coil spring, lowers, and alloy crown.

The diamondback sorrento bicycle comes with various sizes which can be suited the heights of the users. Shorter or smaller riders should choose the small size with 16 inches sized frame. There are also some other sizes of the bike frame including the medium size with 18 inches frame and large size with 20 inches frame.

Last but not least, people can also choose the XL frame which comes with 22 inches sized frame which can be perfect for riders who have tall figure. Everyone will be able to find the perfect match mountain bike for sure.


There must be so many mountain bike offers which can be chosen for daily riding experience. Choosing the most suitable one can be a hard thing to do but people do not have to worry as long as they pay very great attention to the pros and cons owned by the mountain bike. Of course it means that people have to learn more about the good things offered by diamondback sorrento mountain bike.

Several good things can be experienced if people choose this mountain bike. They can try to take this bike out onto the trails and they will find the experience which is really fun. Bikers will experience the handling which is very well. The bike comes with 21 speeds and it will offer a huge advantage especially when people want to tackle the hills easily. It will not only give great advantage for hill tackling because the available speeds will allow them to enjoy the experience of getting around the town in daily basis.

People might be impressed since this bike comes with a few limitations only. When they see the components of the bike, they will only find the entry level components. However, it does not mean that the bike comes with bad quality because it is well built. It is made for meeting the expectation of the rider who wants to get good experience when riding the mountain bike off road but at the same time it can also be used on the road. This is type of lifestyle mountain bike which many people are looking for.

If people buy the bike, it will be delivered with partial assembly. It means that they have to complete the assembly. It sounds troublesome but in fact, it can be done pretty easily. It only takes about one hour for completing the bike assembly. There is no need to have advanced bike assembly knowledge for accomplishing this task.


It is interesting that people can find several good things from diamondback Sorrento review but there is no flawless product including the mountain bike. We can make sure that there are also some drawbacks which can be found from this bike which people must consider before they make any decision to purchase this bike.

This bike maybe will not be the perfect choice for people who are looking for the rugged mountain bike. It is not a good choice for them who want to use on the trails for the whole time. This is actually a mountain bike which is designed for people who want to enjoy casual mountain biking experience on ad-hoc basis.

It is not made with needed gear for the hard mountain biking activity. If people consider the comfort greatly, they have to consider replacing the seat because the standard one is not that comfortable.

Once again, people really have to understand what they need before choosing the mountain bike to make sure that they make the perfect choice with diamondback sorrento mountain bike.

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