Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle Review – Kestrel Talon Tri 105 is a bike created by a famous brand. Kestrel was founded by two engineers. Manufacturers use a carbon composite bike frame that was first used in the world in bicycle making. This producer successfully introduced the framework in 1987. It was the world’s first carbon football bike in 1988. The achievement is resurgence for Kestrel and the company is working with experts in the fields of aerodynamics, engineering, biomechanics, and science material. Kestrel can produce the fastest and most innovative carbon fiber bikes on the market.


The bike was launched in 2007 and is called Talon. Talon is a popular bike on the market because this bike has a high flexibility. This is the first aero motor sold in the market. This bike can get you to choose a triathlon or road position. You just set this bike to your liking. This bike has some similarities with the system. The system not only can change the discipline but also the high-performance carbon platform. This bike was created from EMH or Carbon Modulus Hybrid. This is a carbon that has been refined by the manufacturer to create the Kestrel Road Bike. It is a perfect combination of carbon fiber because it is stiff and lightweight.

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This bike has an A2 wind tunnel, a sitting tube with aerodynamic contours, seating, and living quarters. The internal cable route on this bike ensures a clean air flow across all the bikes. This bike has a unique chain with the asymmetrical shape. The components are designed to correct lateral stiffness problems so as to provide power transfer and vibration dampers. This is an amazing component. You can install a saddle to share the position so you will feel comfortable. You can put the saddle in a more advanced position than the normal position for the competition and the saddle in the back position when using this bike in a relaxed state.

The Rider

This bike is a perfect choice for athletes. If you want to practice to ride a bike, then you should buy this bike. You can say goodbye to a bike that can drain your wallet. This bike has two separate engines into two systems. Bicycles for sports competitions have different formats and distances throughout the season. Cyclists want to buy a bike without a bike so that the bike will not be jammed during the sports competition.


Kestrel Talon Tri 105 FaeturesKestrel Talon Tri 105 Road Bike has a straight line of aerodynamics so that this motor can run quickly on a soft roller or flat. The angle of this bike can carve the mountain beautifully. You can direct this bike on various paths. The style and design of this bike can inspire you. This bike can make you feel confident. This bike has a stable handling so you do not have to hesitate to remove your hand from this bike. This bike looks sexy with a beautiful design. You can wear any clothes to walk on this bike. This bike has no weakness or strength because this bike has average power transfer. Maybe it will show up when you compare this bike with another.


The first factor is the durability of this bike. Talon is made for 100,000 miles of climbing foot. Maybe 2000 miles could be a big first thing for you but you should know that the next 1500 miles will be hell for you. The micro slit will form in the safety tube so the seat will slip. The slip from the seat will be broken and cracked. You can use torque wrenches. Kestrel may claim that advanced sports are part of this company. The lifetime frame warranty will only make you feel disappointed because you need four guarantees and this can be obtained more than a year before the company replaces your bike frame. The company may be sending a new useless bolt to fix this bike. The company also sent a washing machine to dispose of the components because the company suspects that users are not getting torque.

Kestrel Road Bike has micro cracking problems and the company already knows this. The company just makes the warranty a problem that frustrates you so you have to buy a bike again. Customer service for this bike purchase has a bad reputation. There are many consumers who do not want this bike anymore. This bike is too heavy for the aero motor. This bike is not a great climber but a great reducer.

Bottom Line

This review depends not only on the initial impression. This is an objective review after using the bike. If you use this brand to climb a mountain, then this is not the right choice because your bike will quickly experience damage. The road is smooth to fit for this bike. Actually, this bike depends on where you live. Aluminum bikes will feel smooth on a normal road. Kestrel Talon Tri 105 is heavier than the current standard. This bike is not made for a long day. If your goal is a long way, then this bike is not for you. This bike cannot be used for street racers. This bike does not have a lightning-like speed on the road. This bike path is a flat road. The head tube of this bike is higher so you will sit comfortably. The company will not add the headset because the component is at odds with Talon.


  • The saddle from the bike is very comfortable
  • You just need a stroke at a flat speed
  • This bike has a modern red and black color


  • Heavy
  • Must replace the rod to make you feel comfortable
  • Not a great climber

The weakness and strength of this bike depend on your needs. If you are just a flat road, then this bike can meet those needs. If you need a bike to make a heavy climb, then you have to buy a bike from another brand. All these factors should be considered by consumers when buying this bike. These bikes can be obtained at online stores. That’s the full review of the Kestrel Talon Tri 105.

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