Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

It is said that biking becomes part of trend or lifestyle. Well, when people are talking about biking, we can make sure that it is not only about trend of lifestyle. There are various great advantages which people can find when they make biking as great part of their lifestyle after all.

Recently, the issue about health is increasing. Many people have to deal with health problem because they do not have enough work out. Workout is crucial for maintaining people’s health but their job or daily activities do not allow them to move too much. In this circumstance, they have to look for method for keeping their body active and biking can be a good option. They can bike to work or to anywhere in their neighborhood and it will be good enough for make their body sweat. Of course people must not forget that biking will also be kind of eco friendly transportation. This might be the big reason why many people with environmental awareness choose to bring it as part of their lifestyle.

One thing for sure, biking can also be a great hobby choice. That is why people are looking for the best mountain bike for this purpose. Merax Finiss 26” can be considered as the bike which people are looking for especially if they have great awareness about budget.


People have to admit that this is the mountain bike which they are looking for if they do not want to spend too much money for mountain bike with great features. Merax Finiss aluminium 21 aluminum comes with 80mm sized travel front suspension fork. People must not forget about the reliable braking performance which can be found from the dual mechanical disc brakes. People also will love the fact that maintenance for this mountain bike will be super easy. This bike is also supported by features from one of the brand with great reputation in bike industry, Shimano. Quality components for the mountain bike are used for this model.  This 21 speed mountain bike is supported with derailleur as well as shifters by Shimano. It will mean that the riders will be able to shift the bike very easily during the long rides even when they have to go across the rough terrain. Aluminum is used not only for the frame but also the wheels so the whole weight of the mountain bike is very light so the speed will be encouraged as well. That is why this mountain bike can be a perfect choice not only for casual biker but also serious racer.


Knowing about the good parts of a product that people will buy of course becomes very important thing which should be done. People will not be convinced for buying Merax Finiss 26” if they do not think that this bike comes with some great things.

The very first great thing which people can notice easily from this bike of course is the light weight of the bike. The bike only weighs 33 pounds. It is very light for a mountain bike for sure. There is no doubt about it because the frame and the rims are made from aluminum. With the bike which comes with lighter weight, it means that people can go faster.

People will find it handy when they want to bike across country for long distance for sure. The light weight will ease the maintenance as well because people can just pick up the bike for flipping it over. Even the smaller riders will not find a big problem for carrying the bike if necessary. Taller riders do not have to worry at all because they can find the bike with 19 inches sized frame as well as 26 inches sized tired. The seat can also be adjusted so people will be able to ride with great comfort based on their figure.

Compared to alloy, aluminum will be able to resist the stress fractures and it is also durable. This bike can be considered as one of lightest bike which can be found on fewer than 300 dollars market price. With aluminum material for frame and rim, people do not have to worry that the bike will rust easily when they have to deal with water, sludge, mud, and also grit.

Merax Finiss 26” mountain bike also comes with dual mechanical disc brakes. It means that they will find the brake performance which is more consistent compared to traditional rim brakes. It is exciting that people do not have to spend more money for finding this feature on the mountain bike. People will love Shimano EF51 shifter which is able to move easily. It works greatly along with the Shimano derailleur at the front and rear side. There is no way people will find the chain slip off the sprocket.

The movement from gear to gear will be done quietly and smoothly. The price surely becomes the biggest advantage which people can find from this bike because they can find features which are expected on the mountain bike with higher price. Bike assembly can be done very easily and straightforwardly because the tools are included in the package. Once the bike is assembled, they will find the mountain bike with sharp looking and ready for cross country adventure.


Yes, people still have to face the fact that there are some drawbacks from this mountain bike although it is considered as the best choice for its price range. In fact, they can experience the front shock which is a bit soft especially for riders who have more than 200 pounds weight. Users maybe need to upgrade their bike with the long travel shock which is adjustable.

Actually that is the only problem which we found from this bike. Even for the upgrade, people will not spend too much money. It is amazing that people can still spend affordable budget for buying this mountain bike along with the upgrade. Quick tune up can be done at the shop with cheap price when they buy it because adjustment is needed by any mountain bike including Merax Finiss 26”.

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