Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle Review

Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle is a bicycle under $500 you need to consider. It is known as a great mountain bike along with limited budget. With low budget, mountain bicycle lovers are able to get a high quality product. Later, they can also ride the bike anywhere they want especially for normal terrains or a little bit hard terrain. People who have a plan to do bike to work program can also consider riding this bike to support their action. To make you sure about it, let’s learn a little bit about what you can get by spending $500 and try to learn whether you really  get more than you paid or not.

Mongoose Impasse Bicycle Design and Features

Choosing a mountain bike is not only about considering its style. More than that, it is also about its durability and comfort. Seeing the design, Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle is made of aluminum suspension frame. This material is chosen because it boosts its comfort and durability. Safety is also a concern from the manufacturer. It can be seen on the use of element suspension fork. This feature is useful for easier and smoother controller. The comfort can be achieved by the gear shifting. It will be great if you can shift the gear anytime you want. To meet this need, Mongose impasse is designed with specific twist shifter feature. By using this feature riders are easy to shift gear anytime they want.

A high quality mountain bike should be sturdy and lightweight so it can be used for any kind of terrain. This is also what you can get from Mongoose impasse. The sturdy and lightweight design provides you with a safety bike even for hard terrains. Due to the design, this mountain bike is suitable for riders around 68 inches. Definitely, the manufacturer is still care about the style of the bike. This bike is considered as a compact bike with simple design but still stylish to ride anytime you want. This is a mountain bike which can increase your confidence when you meet your friends.

The Ability of Mongoose Impasse Bicycle

Don’t underestimate the speed of this bike. In fact, Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle can produces up to 21 speeds. The good news is that the speed is the standard speed for entry level riders. You don’t need to worry with the speed because you can easily control it by changing the gear just like what you want. This is also because of its 29 inches wheels. It seems that riders thought that the wheels make this mountain bike a little bit heavier and a little bit difficult to accelerate.

On the other hand, the wheels are useful to keep you safe especially if you have to pass hard obstacles. This bike is also easy to assemble even for first time users. In specific, you are about to see a bike frame which has been assembled with the front wheel. Then, you should check the rest of the items such as the seat, pedal, and handlebar. Just install those items one by one based on the instruction. Just make sure that all of them are attached perfectly for your safety and comfort. With a clear instruction, you can just attach this mountain bike a few hours. If you get used to with the tools, you can start to ride the bike on the same day when you receive and attach it.

Importance Things to Know about Mongoose Impasse

So, what do you need to know more about Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle? First, it is a great mountain bicycle especially for normal trails. It keeps you ride the bike smoothness so you can finish the terrain until the end without any kind of injury.

Second, the stopping power is also the reason why mongose mountain bike is recommended for riders. Because of this feature, you are able to ride the bike in any kind of weather. It is really useful especially if you are cycling in uncertain weather areas.

Third, the best part is that you can buy it in affordable price and what you get is more than you are expected. On the other hand, you also need to consider specific things which can be the weakness of this mountain bike. For example, it seems you need to bring specific bag to hold the water holder. Too bad, this bike is not supported by water holder and it makes you a little bit confuse to bring your water holder. There is also an issue related to the suspension. Some of riders thought that the suspension is a little bit bouncy especially when you ride the bike in high speed.

The Opinions for the Users

To make you sure, you can also see what users said about this bicycle. Users really appreciate with the price. It seems reasonable enough due to the design and features installed. Even, some users said that this bike is a cheap mountain bike because they get more than what they paid. Just imagine that by spending not more than $500 you are about to ride a dual suspension mountain bike.

Users also amaze with the brake so it makes them calm and nothing to worry about especially if they have to use the brake urgently. On the other hand, some other users thought that the suspension fork becomes the weakness of this mountain bicycle. Because of that, it becomes a little bit hard to control this bike in a rough terrain. It seems that Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle is perfect for normal terrain and a little bit off road terrain. It is okay if you want to use it in hard terrain but you should keep your focus in controlling the features especially its break and gear shifting.

In conclusion, there are more positive reviews from the users than the negative one and it is the reason why Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle is included on the recommended to buy list. So, what do you think about Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle? Do you want to buy and use it for your next riding? Hopefully, it is the answer of the best bicycle you are looking for.

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