Montague Paratrooper MTB 24 Speed Review

Innobell – A folded design of mountain bike is very practical and simple. This is simply bringing new experience in biking in mountainous area. Montague paratropper becomes a much recommended mountain bike for everyone. Montague paratrooper MTB 24 speed review seems to help you finding bad and good things about this bike product. Paratrooper series is the folded mountain bike original from Montague as the manufacturer of the best mountain bikes.

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A Short Description of Montague Paratrooper MTB 24 Speed

This mountain bike from Montague offers a patent folded design of mountain bike enabling for airforce armies going down from helicopter or airplane to involve in a battle. This bike offers 24 speeds, front suspension, mechnanic brake, and rackstand to lift the weight. It is famously known to have strong power and ability to keep the weight. This folded mountain bike is also developing following the daily commuter for the fighters.

Montague paratrooper MTB 24 speed has come to the market as the best classical mountain bike. It has been designed exclusively under the license of the military treasure. It is made regarding airforce army to enable drop out from airplance and land soon making every single army ready for the battle. No better way is to explore the sides of mountain and beaches together through all magical and colorful things. With the quick folding ability, it saves much time. It also has amazing durability to be a good companion during hard mission in mountain.

Being a Trendsetter of Good Mountain Bike

A Montague paratrooper MTB 24 speed review is much helpful to feel biking experience. It is famously known with the lifting support and longer durability. It appears with derailleur 24 speed feature that is very great for conquering hill and steep route. It also connects to the climbing and small way down. From the maintenance, this model offers good values for the money. The front suspension makes it relatively smooth in double tracks, and sidewalk. The kenda kinetics tires are surely taft and strong for bills and challenging roads. So, it makes you comfortable to drive down the mountain bike in any challenges.

To be A Scary Monster

This mountain bike is regarded to be a scary monster in mountainous area. Montague paratrooper bike is surely amazing. The folded mountain bike has many fans due to its high class features and strong structures for the comfort of bikers. With mechanic brake, the bikers can adjust it based on their intention so that they are able to control and manage it. It is not hydrolic brake, this mountain bike proclaim the strength through its simplicity.

This bike is also completed by racket being a versatile feature for kickstand, mudguard, and luggage in one spot. It has platform pedals with steel cage giving very strong handle and much more support. This mountain bike offers integrated folding technology and direct connect folding system in which it is able to fold for 20 seconds without pausing. It is easily running but very strong. Of course, it is not wrong to claim to be the scary monster.

Strong and Tough Mountain Bike With All Incredible Features

There are many reasons why you fall in love with montague paratrooper mountain bike. It is a brand new mountain bike with some incredible features.

Folding System

It offers a folding system. This paratrooper bike has direct connect system enabling the bikers to fold it easily. Try to enjoy shifter 24 speed suspension, and aluminum pedals to take the rough challenges during biking it. Of course, paratrooper is not a common fold bike. This is a stable mountain bike. This tactical bike is specialized to use almost all typical features including the tires and body spare parts.


This mountain bike has full capacity. It is compatible to almost every area. It is able to reach 75 kilometer every day without logistic helps. It is folded in compact size in 30 seconds without using a tool. An easy duty is lifting your mountain bike up in everywhere. The patent technology innovation is not available from the other manufacturers. The front brake is hard disk drive allowing the power of braking system quickly and strongly. It is designed with such tires and components.

Folding Time

As a trusted mountain bike, Montague tries to launch an incredible mountain bike product. The folding time of this bike is only 20 seconds as the normal speed. Meanwhile, the folding size is about 36 inch x 28 inch x 12 inch. The weight is about 29 lbs. With those features, this mountain bike cuts the folding time.

Pros and Contras about Montague Paratrooper MTB 24 Speed

In montague paratrooper review, you can see some pros and contras about it. Montague offers some kinds of folding bikes. The bike is running normally in hard and steep routes. This folding bike is able to fold more than 50% from the real size in which it is helpful when you want to bring or store it. The light weight doesn’t mean that it offers a bad quality. This is used to lift and move it easily. It has strong and quick release lever to support a stable performance of this bike during biking. Though it is regarded to the best mountain bike ever, but of course it has some pros and contras related to this product.

The pros about this montague paratrooper mtb 24 speed mountain bike is a very quick and easy folding process. It saves much more time. Then, the frame is long lasting and durable for longer usage. Thirdly, it is about the weight of its motore categorized to be low. Then, it is related to the style and design of this mountain bike is awesome and incredible. Finally, to be a low price mountain bike, it offers a suitable price and quality in one product of bike. The contras about this bike is related to the some components of bike not getting so great like derailleur or back brake cable. Sometimes, it is rather difficult to manage. Regardless of those contras in Montague paratrooper MTB 24 speed review, this bike product is still to be a great choice.

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