Mountain Bike Review: Diamondback Recoil 29 Hardtail

For a mountain bike lover, you must know about Diamondback Recoil 29. If you are just starting to know about this mountain bike, you just spend your time in the right page. Here we will give you a review of it. You can get all information about this mountain bike only by keep reading this article. To save more time, lets get down to the features of this mountain bike.

The frame of this bike

On the frame, this bike is using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. One trusted material to give the utmost quality. As a result, this bike has strong and sturdy feature. Along with this feature, this mountain bike also has formed as well as butted tubing, which makes this mountain bike capable of saving weight. Even so, this mountain bike comes in lightweight feature to ease you carrying this bike before starting to paddle it.

The suspension

Diamondback Recoil 29er completed with SR Suntour XCT suspension fork delivers. It is in 100mm. Besides that, it also equipped with rear suspension. It is in 4 inches. Since this mountain bike featured with these suspensions, it will allow you to have the excitement and great experience of biking, even though you were in a trail in full of rocks or even roots.

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The drivetrain

On this feature, this mountain bike put its trust on Shimano. Diamondback Recoil 29er also has 3 x 8 speed shifter. Moreover, the front and rear derailleurs as well as cassette are in a unison work. Thus, you can enjoy smooth, responsive, as well as reliable shifting trough the 24 gears having by this mountain bike.  Regarding the gear options, any rider can have wide range of it with the triple crank up front as well as 11/ 32 T cassette having by this mountain bike on the rear hub. In other words, you can ride this bike even in the steepest climbs when still have nice ride at your way back down.

The break system

In the break system, this mountain bike has the Tektro Aires mechanical disc. It can give you the ease of controlling the speed as you like it in any kinds of weather conditions.

The wheels

Moving to the two wheels of this bike, it is in size of 29 inches. For your information, this size is the most up todate size in the mountain biking technology. This size considered to be one of the most brilliant innovation, as it can reduce the rolling resistance. Besides, it is also capable of decreasing the angle of attack. These wheels can give you the ability to roll over any obstacles, which includes logs as well as rocks, in much easier as well as faster way.

Besides that, Diamondback Recoil 29er also has a set of Schwalbe Rapid Rob in 29 x 2.25 tires, which round the wheel set. Combined with the Kevlar belt, this mountain bike can maximize the puncture of resistance

Diamondback Recoil 2017

For the last feature, this mountain bike also used the recoil feature. This feature can serve up rock solid wheel option. It also combined with SL7 aluminum double wall rims with 32 hole SL7 aluminum hubs.

After knowing all of the features, now it is time to get the information of the pros, as well as cons about this Diamondback Recoil 29er mountain bike. On the pros side there are:

  1. The frame is so solid with no heavy weight.
  2. The tires come in nice as well as decent quality.
  3. Almost every parts of this mountain bike are in well durability.
  4. Considering all of the features this mountain bike has, it comes in a very affordable price.
  5. The suspensions offered by this bike are one of the most comfortable one.
  6. This mountain bike is able to give well performance, even though it used along the rocky trails.
  7. The derailers used by this mountain bike are giving quick and nice riding.

On the other hand, this mountain bike also has some cons you need to know. They are:

  1. The brake system is not in the best performing.
  2. The shocks of this mountain bike are not quite good.
  3. This mountain bike does not come with the shock pump.
  4. The SR Suntour might cause some people quite uncomfortable experience, since it is untenable, no parts and quite heavy.
  5. For small people, they might find that the Standover is a little bit high compared to any mountain bikes with medium frames.

Regarding the cons mentioned above, here we also give you some recommendations you can do to be able in enjoying this mountain bike with more comfort.

  1. Since many people who already bought this mountain bike felt that the shocks are not so comfortable, you may need to upgrade it by yourself. Upgrading the fron as well as rerad shocks might be one easy thing to do to enjoy the maximum comfort. Besides that, you can also upgrade the brake system if you feel that it does not accompany your biking experience in its best performance.
  2. If you want to have a comfortable as well as decent handling bike, you can purchase a rock shox reba or even recon air fork.
  3. For a beginner, you may use this mountain bike as a strength builder. If you find that the rear coil shock is not so comfortable, you can change it with fox RP2. On the other hand, since the manufacturer only provides 18’’ frame, you can combine the 16’’ frame with 410mm x 30.9mm if the 18’’ frame is too big yet the 16’’ is too small.
  4. For other option, you can also change the rear shock with Rock Shox Monarch Plus R, change the front shock with RockShox Recon Gold TK, or change the brakes with avid elixir 1.

Those are all information we can share you on this 29er mountain bike review. to have this mountain bike, you need to pay for about $549.99 up to $599.99. we hope that this review can help you to know more about this mountain bike.

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