Roadmaster 26” Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike Review

For you who look for mountain bike with affordable prise, Roadmaster 26” Men’s bike might be the best solution that you can get.  However, this bike is not only about the affordable price. This bike also offers features that should be found in every mountain bike. In this Roadmaster 26” Men’s Bike Review you will find out some features that the bike offers to the rider and why it can be the best option for you.

Steel Mountain Frame Geometry

Roadmaster 26” Men’s Bike uses steel mountain frame geometry. It means that this bike is strong and durable enough to be used for riding around the city or other types of terrain. Steel is well-known as a solid material that used a lot in bike manufacturing. The ability to hold out various types of easy to medium collision and quite heavy load has become the main consideration of using this solid material for bike. Steel mountain frame means that the frame uses solid material that commonly used in mountain bike. It will be more than enough to be used in the city or other medium terrain. Besides using solid material, the frame is also specially designed with geometry. It means that every detail has been accurately measured to ensure its strength and durability. Every piece of the frame is integrated in its point accurately, so they will support each other.

3-Piece Mountain Crank

Roadmaster 26” Men’s bike also uses 3-piece mountain crank. The three different levels of crank will offer wide gear range. By having wide gear range, you will be more flexible in managing the gear. You can easily expand your gear by switching the crank. You can use the three different levels of crank in some different situation. The bottom level offers you easiness in riding your bike. You can use this level of crank in a flat, bumpy and uphill road. When you need extra speed, you can switch the crank into the medium level. When you think that medium is not enough for you, you can switch the crank to the third level or the highest level. It definitely will boost your ability to adapt in many kinds of situation.

It is also used durable and solid material for its crank. So it can also be used in many different terrains. The crank is easily designed to firmly grab or hold the chain. So you can be worry-free when you pedal your bike. You can smoothly switch the crank and it will not lose its grab easily.

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Linear Pull Brake

For helping you stop the bike, Roadmaster 26” Men’s Bike uses linear pull brake. It is installed on the front and rear wheel. Linear pull brake has become the most common type of brake that used in bike. It will offer great stopping power for the bike. Linear pull brake is relatively easy to operate. Moreover, it is also easy to manage or install. In case you want to change the rubber, you can easily do it by yourself. You can also easily adjust the tension of its wire. It will give you more flexibility in adjusting the stopping power based on your needs. Linear pull brake also comes with high quality rubber that will firmly grab the rim.

SRAM Drive Twist Shifter

In bike, shifter and derailleur has become one of components that need to be considered. Shifter and derailleur aim to help you manage the gear. This bike uses a set of SRAM drive twist shifter for shifting the gear. By using this shifter, you can change the gear smoothly. You can easily change and manage the gear by twisting the shifter that installed on the bar. By twisting it up, you can get higher gear and twisting it down for the lower gear. SRAM drive twist shifter also comes with great gear system that provided by SRAM derailleur. The derailleur will give you great respond when you twist the shifter for changing the gear. In total, it can support 18 different gears. It will operate smoothly and grab the chain firmly. For connecting shifter, derailleur and the gear, this bike uses high quality wire that protected with plastic shield. You can easily adjust the tension of the wire in managing the gear.

26” Wheels and Alloy Rims

Wheel and rims has becomes one of the most important parts in a bike. This bike uses 26” wheels and alloy rims. 26” wheels are well-known as a standard size for wheels in Men’s bike. Moreover, it gives your better experience and performance in riding the bike. The 26” wheels offer great control in many different kinds of terrain. It also provides quick turning process which can be very helpful to boost your speed.  The wheel uses thick and serrated rubber that will ensure the durability and perfect grab on the ground. For the rims, this bike uses alloy rims that offer durability and strength. Alloy is well-known as material that commonly used in rims. The material is strong and it can perfectly hold out the rider’s weight. It is also strong enough to use in many different terrains.

Dual Suspension Fork

One of the most special features in this bike is the dual suspension fork. Dual suspension fork are the most common features that should be found in every mountain bike. Basically, the suspension aims to absorb the impacts and keep the tire connected to ground when you ride on the hard terrain. By absorbing the impact, you can ride your bike comfortably without worrying about the hard terrain. It can help you avoid injury and reduce fatigue. Commonly, when you ride the bike, especially on downhill or the hard tail, the weight point will be concentrated in front part of the bike. The dual suspension fork will protect you and the bike from the collision. Dual suspension fork will also increase your ability to control the bike, especially on the hard terrain.

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After discussing some features that offered by Roadmaster 26” Men’s Bike, we can conclude some pros and cons from this bike. Due the material that used to build the frame, the bike is quite heavy. It will influence the speed performance. However, it can be an advantage for the stability. This bike also features quite good and simple gear system. However, the twist shifter is quite outdated compared with trigger shifter. Sometime twist shifter or grip shifter can be a problem for some riders. Commonly, when the rider twists the shifter, it doesn’t stop to the targeted number. You will also get some difficulties when you have a wet palm. Dual suspension fork and alloy rims that are used in the bike will definitely ensure your comfort when you ride this bike. It would be better if the brake used the disk brake style for more powerful stopping ability. However, for the affordable price, this bike and its features will be the best option for you.

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