Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

For you who look for a bike that can be used in downhill track or daily single track, Schwinn Protocol 1.0 will be the best option for you. This mountain bike offer many advance features that required by every mountain bike. Therefore, we are going to briefly review this schwinn mountain bike and some special features that offered by the bike.

Aluminum frame

The first feature that Schwinn Protocol 1.0 offers is the aluminum frame. Aluminum is a solid material that commonly used in building mountain bike. It is used a lot for mountain bike because aluminum offers lightness and strength in the same time.  With aluminum frame, this bike can be light enough, but also strong enough to be used in hard terrain or downhill track. With aluminum frame, you can easily control you bike without worrying about the strength. The lightness of aluminum frame will influence to the performance of this bike. You will not get any difficulty to bring your bike in many different places or tracks. The frame can survive in many different conditions or from some collisions that might happen when you ride this mountain bike

Full Suspension System

The suspension system might be the best feature that you can get from Schwinn Protocol 1.0. This bike doesn’t only use suspension fork, but it uses full suspension system. Full suspension is suspension system that required by mountain bike that used in rougher and harder terrain. Full suspension system means that the entire bike is supported by the suspension. There will be two suspensions in two different places that you can find in this bike. The first suspension is located in the fork and the second one is in the middle part of the bike. The suspension fork will support you the front part of the bike and the second suspension will support the rear part of the bike. When you ride this mountain bike in downhill track, the suspension fork will absorb the impact that happens to the front wheel. It will avoid the injuries or fatigue that might happen to your arm or shoulder. The rear suspension will work well in absorbing the impact that happens to the rear wheel. By having the rear suspension, you can seat comfortably when you sit on the saddle even in hard terrain. The combination of full suspension system will create extra comfort and better control. It will ensure that the wheel stay on the ground while passing the hard terrain.

24-Speed Shimano EZ-Fire Trigger Shifter and Shimano Rear Derailleur

The next feature that offered by this mountain bike is the shifter and the rear derailleur. For the shifter, this Schwinn dual suspension mountain bike uses 24-speed shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter. By using the Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifter, you can change the gear accurately and smoothly. Shimano has become a brand that offers high quality product for bike. By using this trigger shifter, you can fully explore the 24- speed option in the gear. This shifter is easily to operate. You just need to press the trigger the change to the higher gear and pull the trigger to change to lower gear. The trigger shifter is accompanied by high quality Shimano rear derailleur. The rear derailleur will respond the shifter by move the chain to the targeted gear. It will also ensure that the chain will be out of the gear when you change the gear.  With Shimano rear derailleur, you can smoothly and accurately change the gear.

Alloy Crank

In order to support the gear system, this bike also uses 3-piece alloy crank. In the bike, crank is used to expand the gear. By using 3-piece crank, you can get wider gear range. You can use each level of the crank in many different conditions. For example, when you need to normal speed, you can use the lowest level of the crank. You can boost the speed by changing to the higher level. However, you need to use extra power to pedal your bike due to the heavier pedaling. For this bike, the crank is made of alloy. This material will ensure its strength and durability. By using alloy crank, the chain can move smoothly and accurately in three different levels. It will avoid the chain to be out of the trails.

Front Disk Brake and Rear Alloy V-brake

Breaking system is also one of the most important features in mountain bike. Breaking system will help the reader to control the speed and also stop the bike. This mountain bike also uses good breaking system that offers great stopping power. For breaking system, this mountain bike uses the combination of front disk brake and rear Alloy V-brake. There are some specific reasons why this combination is used in this mountain bike. The rear alloy V-brake will allow the reader to slow down the speed and the front disk brake will support the rear brake to completely stop the bike. In riding mountain bike, there is a moment that you will past the wet and mucky condition. In those kinds of condition, rear alloy V-brake may not completely stop the bike. That’s why the front disk brake is very important. Front disk brake is specially designed to give extra stopping power in wet and mucky condition.

Alloy Rims and Knobby Mountain Tires

For the wheel, Schwinn Protocol 1.0 uses alloy rims and knobby mountain tires. This combination offers great performance in various types of terrain. For the rims, this mountain bike uses 26” rims provide faster turning for the wheel. The rims are made of alloy material that will ensure strength and durability. It will allow the rims to hold out the rider’s weight and also the collision in the rough terrain. To cover the rims, this mountain bike uses knobby mountain tires that are made of high quality and thick rubber. This kind of tires will support you in ridding you bike for daily use or for many different types of terrain.


After we review the features that offered by Schwinn Protocol 1.0, we can conclude some pros and cons of this mountain bike. We can conclude that this mountain bike offers high quality in mountain bike. The quality can be found in the use of aluminum and alloy materials in its parts. By using aluminum and alloy materials, this bike is light and strong enough to be used in many different conditions. This mountain bike also uses high quality component in gear and braking system for powerful and responsive performance. However, in tuning the bike, this mountain bike requires some fine tuning. The seat is quite hard to be sit. This bike also doesn’t offer some additional features such as holder for pump and water bottle.

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