Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike Reviews

Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike is a solution for those who want to buy an affordable bike. Just imagine, by spending around $300, you can bring this bike home and attach it for your next riding. Of course, it is not only about low price mountain bike but also about the strong design and complete features for comfortable and safety riding. Before finding the best mountain bike for men, it is good if you learn the detail of this bike. Later, you can compare it with similar mountain bike to get the best one to ride.

The Durable Frame

Let’s talk about the design first. Talking about the design, it means you have to discuss about its frame. The frame of schwinn s29 full suspension mountain bike is durable and strong enough. This is due to the use of high quality aluminum. This bike is not only designed with strong material but also with eye catching style. You are about to ride a dark and polished frame and it is considered as an interesting and manly design. Schwinn is not only designing a bike without considering its safety. In fact, this is the reason why this mountain bike is built with high quality aluminum. This aluminum is hard and because of its hardness you are able to use it in any kind of terrains including in stone roads and mountainous areas. The manufacturer is also installing MTB feature. This feature is very useful to reduce the risk of fatal accident. Because of the feature, you can also ride Schwinn S29 for downhill riding without anything to worry about.

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The Dual Suspension Fork

One more special part about this mountain bike is the dual suspension. Actually, Schwinn S29 dual suspension fork is also used to protect the frame of the bike. It works well especially if you ride the bike in hard terrains. It keeps you comfortable so you don’t need to feel something uncomfortable or injury during and after doing it. Remember, hard terrains are commonly unpleasant for riders and it can be solved by riding the right mountain bike. The suspension system is also useful for you to control the Schwinn S29 well no matter how the road is. The mechanism of the bike is by balancing your weight and the weight of the frame. This design is combined with lightweight wheels. From the detail explained here, this mountain bike is a perfect bike for 6 feet tall men. The suspension forks help you a lot to adjust the bike just like what you want.

The Alloy Wheels

Let’s talk about the wheel. For your information Schwinn S29 is using 29 inches wheels. Actually, it is used not only because this wheel is a popular wheel today. More than that, it is also used to give you better mountain bike performance. Let say, the size of the wheel helps you a lot especially if you ride it downhill. Balance is an important keep of a comfortable mountain bike. That’s why 29 inches wheel is installed. You are about to ride a bicycle with a great balance. It balances your weight and height at the same time so you don’t get easily fall down when you ride this bike especially if you ride it on hard terrains. The tire is made of high quality thick rubber. This material is also used because of specific reason. By using a thick rubber, you can reduce the risk of punctures and leaks.

Great Gear System

A mountain bike can’t be separated from the gear system. To meet this need, Schwinn S29 is designed with a great gear shifter system. The key is how to make the chain stay firm. The secret is on its SRAM 3.0 derailleur. This type of gear shifter system provides you with 21 different gears. You just need to decide the speed first and start to adjust the gear just like the speed you want to achieve.

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Brake System

Safety mountain bike is also strongly related with the quality of the brake. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that Schwinn S29 has a little bit heavy wheel and gear mechanism. To overcome this problem, Schwinn is using a pair of disk brakes. Because of the brake and the position, you can adjust the speed close to the speed you want to achieve. It is also really important especially if you want to slow the speed down.

The Overview of Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike

The explanation above gives you specific overview about this Schwinn S29 mountain bike for men. For example, it is true that this is a sturdy bike and the dual suspension makes it perfect on its design and performance. The performance is not only supported by the dual suspension but also because of its three part crank system. You can adjust the speed up to 21 speeds and the same time you can control it with the disk brake. You just need to shift the gear and everything can be done easily and fast. In contract, it seems that this bike is a little bit heavier along with 47 lbs. weight. Sometimes, the brake can be a little bit hard to change. Beginner riders need more time to attach the bike because it is a little bit complicated to do. The best part is that this bike is the solution of traction so you can ride it smoothly. It is not a big problem for a taller man to ride this mountain bike. The sensation will be the same with normal height men. The most interesting is of course about the affordable price. It is hard today to find a mountain bike around $300 which offers you complete features.

So, for those who want to find a mountain bike for everyday riding or off road riding, you might consider Schwinn S29 men’s mountain bike as your option. You will get everything you need start for a compact and lightweight design, stylish design, safety features, and comfort. If you think that it is impossible to get a high quality mountain bike around $300, you are wrong. Now, you know what to choose for your next riding plan.

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