Vilano Forza 2.0 Road Bike Review

Innobell – Vilano Forza 2.0 road bike is a great option for those who crave for more challenge and want to upgrade from their beginner bike. Vilano is a brand best known for its super famous Shadow, which is a beginner bike. Due to this fact, you might hesitate to buy another Vilano model because you think this brand only focuses on beginner road bike.

But you don’t have to worry about it because this brand doesn’t only produce beginner bike and Forza 2.0 is going to prove it. This bike is very sturdy and it is very suitable for both exercise and casual ride. To help you find out whether or not this is the intermediate level road bike you are currently looking for, let’s read this Forza 2.0 review.


This road bike has a premium design that will easily make it looks like higher-end road bikes with more expensive price. As a matter of fact, the design will easily remind you with the glorious Kestrel Talon. The aluminum body also makes the bike looks very durable and it is indeed very durable. We’re going to see more about it later. With the addition of the beautiful grey matte finish, Vilano Forza 2.0 is the bike that will certainly steal everyone’s attention.

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Vilano Forza 2.0 FrameThe aluminum construction is really one of the best features of Vilano Forza 2.0 road bike. It is sturdy and will ensure stable riding in any environments. The aluminum bike alone is already impressive, but combined the carbon fiber fork, this Vilano road bike is perfection. Thanks to the 12k carbon fork, this road bike becomes pretty lightweight. It only weighs around 24 pounds so you will not get easily exhausted when riding this bike. It means the combination of aluminum construction and lightweight carbon fork makes the ride smooth but stable at the same time.


Riding intermediate bike is different with riding beginner bike. It will be more challenging and you need to have excellent balance. With Vilano Forza 2.0 road bike, transitioning to intermediate road bike will be a piece of cake. Firstly, it is because of its upright riding position. This position makes sure you can ride in good posture so it will be very easy on your back. Furthermore, the upright riding position also ensures excellent range of vision so your journey will be much comfortable and also safer.

The 12k carbon fork is not only there to make the bike weighs lighter. It also provides a better shock absorption for the bike. As you know, shock absorption is an important feature of a bike to ensure the comfort of the ride and prevent pain when you are riding through wavy and rough terrains. So, you no longer have to avoid roads with bumps when you are riding this bike In fact, it is safe to say that this Vilano bike’s shock absorption is much better compared to other similar road bikes in this class. Furthermore, thanks to the sturdy construction as well as the groupset that we are going to discuss later, controlling the speed is very easy with this bike.


Vilano is a brand with excellent reputation for its components. But this bike is even more special because it doesn’t only use Vilano’s components but also Shimano’s. Shimano is known for its remarkable bike components and you are going to see its power in this Vilano Forza 2.0 road bike.

The components that Vilano itself provides are the crank and cassette that come with impressive 27-speed. It is not going to be easy to find a road bike in this price range that has so many speed controls like this so it is certainly a very nice plus point of this bike. Since it comes with 27-speed, setting a perfect gear according to the terrain will be very easy. Whether the road is climbing or you are about to go down a hill, you can easily adjust the gear and speed according to your preference. This bike uses brake lever shifters for shifting purpose, which is a very familiar thing in Vilano’s bikes.

Meanwhile, Shimano sourced the derailleur for this road bike. The front and rear derailleur are different. While the front uses Shimano Sora, Shimano Tiagra, which is known to be better, is in charge for the rear. Even though it only gets Tiagra 9, which is not the latest model, but the quality is good and it does its job well. It makes shifting feels smoother, faster and also more precise. Besides, you also definitely will notice that this component makes shifting a lot quieter.

In addition, it also comes with free pedal. There is nothing special about the pedal, but it is pretty comfortable and it comes with toe straps. Furthermore, it also comes with CNC alloy rims paired with Kenda 700c x 22c tires. The wheel set might feel a little bit too thin for some, but it will not cause any noticeable inconvenience.


  • The combination of aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork ensure durability as well as stable ride.
  • The bike is not lightweight, perfect for daily riding.
  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • It comes with 27 speed, which is the most for bikes in this class.


  • The wheel is a little bit too thin.
  • It takes extra effort to press the brake.


  • Model                          : Forza 2.0
  • Frame                          : 6061 Double Butted Aluminum
  • Wheel Diameter             : 27.5”
  • Weight                         : +/- 24 lbs.
  • Fork                           : 12k carbon racing
  • Shifters                       : Shimano Sora STI 9 speed
  • Derailleur                     : Shimano Sora (front), Shimano Tiagra (rear).


For a road bike in this class, this Vilano bike might be on the expensive side. But the quality will make every penny you spend worth it. Comfort and durability are some of the best things about this product. You can have a nice bike riding session with this road bike on the side. There are some things that need to be improved, especially about the brake, but it is not a deal breaker. Overall, you can find everything you look for from a remarkable road bike in Vilano Forza 2.0 road bike.

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